What is Techpoint Inspired?

Techpoint Inspired is the largest tech conference for innovators, disruptors, creative thinkers, developers, etc across Africa.

We are at a time of great uncertainty for technology in Africa, we gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers across Africa to find out what the future of technology would be in Africa.


Lekki Lagos, Nigeria


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

Industry leaders talking about the future of technology in Africa

Techpoint Inspired is home for industry leaders, visionaries, innovators across Africa to deliver presentations on the future of technology in Africa. These presentations and assertions will shape our Africa’s future in the years ahead. We have various sessions on Blockchain, IoT, AI/VR, Machine learning, Energy, Fintech, Cloud computing, robotics. We are on a mission to understand why these new technologies will matter in the future.

AI & Robotics & Machine Learning

Experts in these fields will be talking about the applications of these technologies pertaining to Africa

AI & Robotics & Machine Learning are fast becoming the future of technology. Infact the 4th industrial revolution will be hinged on these new technologies. Experts in these fields would be talking on how Africa can be ahead in these technologies and solve local and global problems.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain experts will be on ground to teach and present their papers.

Even though Blockchain technology is still relatively new, many countries around the world are already using it to improve their economies. The technology provides its network participants with a shared, immutable history of transactions, records that cannot be altered once they’ve been agreed upon through consensus and added to the ledger. Africa needs to get ahead of these technologies if we are going to be part of the next frontier in the tech world. If you are interested in these fields, register here.

Hardware & IOT

Producing hardware in Africa is hard, is there a way out?

Due to the high cost of manufacturing and setting up of Infrastructure in Africa, a lot of young tech engineers and entrepreneurs opt for software startup rather than hardware. We are on a mission to understand how hardware can work in Africa.

Experience the coolest tech gadgets

Get a chance to see and experience the coolest tech gadgets in Africa. Luckily, there are loads of products on the market which can make life easier for you. The future is here.


5000+ tech enthusiasts across Africa in one place

This is the best place to meet all lovers of tech in Africa. For those who still see tech as a buzzword, you can easily understand what is going on by networking with tech enthusiasts.

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Why You Should Attend

The technology industry may be one of the most challenging, inspiring, and rewarding industries today. Techpoint Inspired is not just another conference but a movement. A movement where young Africans can participate in the discussion to shape Africa technologically. If you’re interested in knowing the precipice of research, discovery, development, and innovation as it borders on technology, there is likely no better place to be than Techpoint Inspired.

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